Updated January 19, 2022

We strongly encourage our patients to receive the vaccine, and want to assure you, the research studies have proven these vaccine to be both safe and effective.  The Pfizer vaccine is FDA approved. Your participation in the vaccination effort will not only benefit you and your loved ones, but will save lives in our community.  Our hospitals are operating at capacity right now.  

We strongly recommend the Moderna or Pfizer series or the J & J vaccine. If more than 5 months have elapsed since your last injection you are eligible for the booster, which we strongly recommend. We advocate for the Moderna booster if possible. While these may not prevent you from getting or spreading the virus, it GREATLY reduces the severity of the illness. 

The health department, your local pharmacy, and the Mountain View Hospital vaccination clinic at 1930 Channing Way are the best places to receive the COVID vaccine. 

Luke Haws, DO